In 1995, Social Psychologists from Australia and New Zealand voted to form the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP). The Society was formed from an informal network of social psychologists in the two countries, who had been meeting at an annual conference since 1972. One of the main aims of SASP is to facilitate contact with social psychologists in countries around the world, and this is achieved through annual meetings and regular networking via newsletters and an email bulletin board.

The current president of SASP is Bill von Hippel from the University of Queensland. The Secretary is Rebecca Pinkus from the University of Western Sydney in Sydney, New South Wales. The Treasurer is Brianne Hastie, from the University of South Australia.

The Society has an email list that can be used by non-members, as well as members, to circulate information about conferences, new positions, and other matters of interest.

One of the aims of SASP is to promote undergraduate and postgraduate education in social psychology in Australia and New Zealand. The SASP Post-graduate Representative is Alexa Hayley from Deakin University.

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